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Deep Thoukus is the result of musicians and masterminds Daniel Meyer Grønvold and Kyrre Laastad’s combined forces. A mellow expression with clear connections to the renowned improv jazz scene in Norway, but also with one foot in the alternative rock world, as Meyer Grønvold’s ele- ctric guitar embraces the organic touch Laastad has on his drum kit. A playful and totally stripped down soundscape where rythm and melody is fully integrated between the two instruments.While Meyer Grønvold is mostly known for his appearances in alternative rock bands such as Moon Relay and S.L.Y.C., he has also been a solid part of the improv scene for ages. Joined by Laastad, maybe mostly known for his productions and mixing, but also for his brilliant percussion and drumming in a variety of settings (including Jenny Hval, Trondheim Jazzorkester, Espen Reinertsen, Hilary Woods, Finity, etc.) and highly respected experimental jazz constellations, they create an impressively open and organic expression. Their debut album is a rough record, due to its 100 % transparent details which only enhances the meditative and invi- ting nature of the seven tracks composed with a unique calmness.
Deepanshi Thoukus
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