The Ocean - Phanerozoic II

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Over the last two decades, the band have been in a perpetual state of evolution, releasing a steady succession of groundbreaking and acclaimed albums that have all sought to push heavy music forward, embracing the cerebral, the primal and the inexplicable in equal measure. From the ominous power and thrumming potential of 2004 debut Fluxion and Metal Blade debut Aeolian, described as “complex, overwhelming and mercilessly tight” (Kerrang!), through to 2007 double concept album Precambrian, a “Teutonic paean to Earth’s geology” (Revolver) and the two-headed atheist's manifesto of Heliocentric and Anthropocentric (both 2010), Staps and a perennially fluid cast of musical characters have methodically built a unique musical legacy. 2013’s seminal album Pelagial, described as “A filmic ode to shifting moods, dichotomous influences and the musical personification of sinking towards the planet’s deepest underwater points” by Rock Sound, was another milestone for the band. Their most conceptual work to date, the album was ranked #3 on LoudWire’s “Best Metal Albums Of 2013”, #5 in’s “2013 Best Heavy Metal Albums” and recently appeared in LoudWire’s “The Best 66 Metal Albums Of The Decade” list. In the middle of the global pandemic, The Ocean are about to conclude their most ambitious, overarching and engrossing endeavour to date. In 2018, they released Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic – the first half of a sprawling but superbly cohesive palaeontology concept album. The Phanerozoic eon is the current chapter in Earth’s history; a chapter which began 541 million years ago, after the end of the Precambrian. The present tense is the Phanerozoic – we are living in it. During these 541 million years, the evolution and diversification of plant and animal life on Earth occurred, and the destruction of it in five mass extinction events.
The Ocean
Phanerozoic II
12" LP
Pelagic Records

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