Værket - Young Again



Boy band extraordinare, Danish prog band Værket is back with a new full length album "Young Again". 40 minuttes, three complex songs of hope, love and the struggle to understand and be understood in the modern world of crackeling reality.  

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Værket are firmly grounded in the Copenhagen venue Mayhem as the younger brothers of Iceage - both literally and metaphorically. Their debut album “Jealousy Hits” (2016) created highly acknowledging nods and respect from both audience and press, and the young band Værket (aged 20-22) was nominated for the Danish critics award Steppeulven as Hope of the Year. 
“Young Again” continues their ambitious approach to an otherwise difficult genre - progressive rock music, that really had its heyday in the 70’s. The theatrical vocal from charismatic frontman Jakob Emil Lamdahl (Marching Church, Gäy, and others) tells dramatic tales, accompanied by highly accomplished guitarplay, brutal changes of expressive parts on each track and even a flute player (yes!) as an important solist in the soundscape. All in all “Young Again” makes Værket the absolute perfect excuse to immerse oneself in the prog rock opera feel, that we thought was lost and buried in 1979. 

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