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Stella Polaris Music was founded in 2005 to support the chill out/balearic festival by the same name, who - since 1997 - grew organically from a few hundred people to gathering more than 75.000 people in Denmark yearly to a lazy laid back day in the scenic urban surroundings of heritage sites like Frederiksberg Have (former summer residency of the Royal Family) in Copenhagen.

The label primarily releases material which defines the music profile of the events, such as ambient, electronica, balearic, leftfield or whatever fancy genre that falls under the banner of great music that you would listen to at home, before the club, or as a Stella Polaris guest on a blanket in the park.

Their annual album is not a compilation in the traditional way of a list of non-exclusive in-licensed material, in fact it’s mostly completely new unreleased material from Scandinavian artists or exclusive Stella Polaris remixes of tunes from artists like Moby, Groove Armada, Phil Collins, Booka Shade to name a few.

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The 2019 edition of the annual Stella Polaris album opens with Andy Cato’s (Groove Armada) new project Days of May and their first single - Oh Jane - in a BYLJA remix. BYLJA is an upcoming act from Denmark inspired by melancholic, electronic music with great inspiration from the wonders of nature. 

Second cut is Beg, Steal or Borrow feat Ida Wenøe in a dub and reggae inspired rework by the Copenhagen mad Norwegian Mashti, who takes this beautiful and fragile Ida Wenøe vocal and camouflage it with deep and tender care – try mixing the riff of Marley’s Could You Be Loved on top (we couldn’t afford clearing the sample…).

Circle by Asger Baden is actually an exclusive edit of his 28:37 long epic ambient single from 2018 that we believe should get some serious attention from followers of the ambient scene. Asger is an award winning film composer, modular synth wizard and works with a range of artists in the region, and has entertained most of us unconsciously in from example the hit series Breaking Bad.

Go Go Berlin is like any terrible high school rock band that plays crap rock music, and dream about making it big time like all other idiots with a guitar and attitude – the only difference is, that these guys can actually live up to the dream – and when they adapt their indie rock especially to Stella Polaris for an exclusive live set it sounds like this…if were manages them, we would tell them to kill the rock music and not “me”….it would make the world a more loving place.

IAMJJ sounds like an old blues king from New Orleans with his poetic, uncompromising, dark yet sexy voice, but it is truly a Different Kind Of Blues that remixers Beg, Steal or Borrow provides with their heavy bass and electronic sounds underneath IA MJJ’s voice in this exclusive remix of one of this year’s a-list rotations on Danish Broadcast Corporations daytime shows.

Abalone is a great example of the bedroom talents of the Danish electronica scene. Coming out of nowhere with a track like Awake shows that this kid surely has talent, and we gave him a break – like we have done with many many acts before…in 2005 for example it was a track from a dude who blew the roof (check the track listing from that year or guess)…so watch out for this newcomer.

Mashti released his new album Powered By Failure earlier this year, and instantly we knew that this track was the one that stood out as the closest you get to Sade without actually having Mrs Adu available for a studio session. The amazing ambient opening of this remix gives us the goose bombs.

If you are a journalist or music critic Moi Caprice is one of those darlings that always steals the headlines as the first unsigned band to top the Danish alternative music charts in 1997, despite the lack of a released studio album. Since then, they earned numerous Critics Award nominations and won the prize for best band at the Danish critics’ award. There has been a silent period from the darlings since 2008, but now they are back with a forthcoming album and we took their first single and dropbox’ed the parts to Mashti, who gave us this back – what a trade. 

OK, sometimes love brings the right people together and magic happens…Moonpool is the first step in that direction for Go Go Berlin’s Mikkel Dyrehave and the Danish equivalent to Björk – Lydmor. The two cutlers found time between the sheets and wrote Wish as their first track together. We just wish they write more. 

We can remember a release without an August track on…and of course this London based Dane who hangs out with the fellow Danish crew of Fabric’s WetYourSelf! Never fails to deliver. The music is mind blowing and then we fucked it up with copy/pasting the title wrong on the cover sleeve…what a bummer. The track is called On My Mind and features the lovely vocals from Cedric Gasaida also known as Starving Yet Full, from electronic neo-house Canadian outfit Azari & III.

Kingdom Blue came to life in the beginning of 2018 as a project of Lasse Pedersen, after suffering a personal loss of a beloved family member. The creative process helped healing the wound and the result became a string of emotional uplifting tunes, which reflects on the many colors of life. Hidden Games is the first single from his forthcoming album. 

With musical influences ranging from Jon Hopkins, Brian Eno, AME and UNKLE, there will be no surprise that Paul Gribby A.K.A. Still-Life music sounds like a dark and thoughtful ambient electronica. It’s not an opening track for a sunshine picnic at Stella Polaris, but we thought its made a brilliant ending of the album this year…right?


Days Of May – Oh Jane (BYLJA’s Stella Polaris Remix)

Beg, Steal or Borrow featuring Ida Wenøe – Always – Mashti Remix 

Asger Baden – Circle (Stella Polaris edit) 


Go Go Berlin – Kill Me First – Stella Polaris version

IAMJJ – Different Kind Of Blues – Beg, Steal or Borrow Stella Polaris Remix 

Abalone – Awake


Mashti - I Can ́t Help Myself feat Lova – Beg, Steal or Borrow Stella Polaris Remix 

Moi Caprice – Maureen –Stella Polaris Remix

Moonpool – Wish – Rough Mix


August Jakobsen & Cedric Gasaida – Name On My Mind 

Kingdom Blue – Hidden Games

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