Realism - Gueem



Realism is back with another cassette trip. ‘Gueem’ is the second tape from the Copenhagen based project, and one nudge further into the soft, slightly spiked, fluorescent spiral that is the world of Realism. 

‘Gueem’ is a collage work of memorable melodies, light funk, sedated karaoke nights and guitar jams. Like the Cheshire cat, it skips around between feeble and flabby. You see it, then you don’t. It teases and squeezes, then disappears with a grin. 

Realism is infamously known for the track ‘Reason Never Came To Tell’ from their debut tape ‘Seashells To The Change’, which serves as the title track for Danish podcast Politikens Poptillæg with Lucia Odoom. This placement is peculiarly well suited for the project, as Realism appears as one big prism for the last 70 years of popular culture. Movie quotes, old school bass lines, a vocal similar to Oneohtrix Point Never on ‘Black Snow’; all thoughts are welcomed into the ‘Gueem’ melting pot. 

Realism is Lasse Bækby Buch (Birthgiving Toad, Gooms, Lunden) and Andreas Murga Meinert (Young Dinosaur, Gooms). 

Purple tape with artwork by Sufie Elmgreen

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