De Må Være Belgiere - Tiden bøjer af



Legendary Post-Punk band De Må Være Belgiere are reunited and have just released their first album in 36 years.

TIDEN BØJER AF contains 10 modern, guitar-driven pop songs clearly reflecting the band's Post-punk roots.

The songs focus on the band's own univers while investigating what happens when a band, displaying a strong authenticity, reunites 30 years on and works from the same musical premise. The new music expresses lives lived, but rests in the present. It's rough, melodic and extremely catchy.

Although De Må Være Belgiere are inspired by more than 40 years of underground music, they primarily explore their sonic and musical identity through intuitive composing processes. The lyrics are in Danish characterized by simple syntax, tangible imagery, and thematic ambiguity.

The band consists of the 3 original members – Jesper Hede (vocals + guitar), Nils Skovbjerg (guitar) and Jacob Leth (bass + backup vocals) and new band member Mark Winther (drums).

TIDEN BØJER AF is recorded in Heyman Studios in Copenhagen by Alma Hede and produced by De Må Være Belgiere. The album is mixed and mastered by Morten Bue. Music and lyrics by De Må Være Belgiere.

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