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A generative system of colour controlled audio synthesis and sound sensitive video feedback Kredsbevægelsen was developed as a manually operated performative system, as an instrument for playing live with generative, electronic and visual music. Here, the live processed nature of the work is obviously compromised, both by the recording itself and the record as a fixed media. This release is meant to honour a work that resides elsewhere. Kredsbevægelsen is an A/V installation based on a video projection of a feedback generated from a video camera filming it’s own projected output, returning it as input and retransmitting, producing a discontinuance of difference between action and effect. The feedback loop brings about a complex pulsating visual abstraction, an instantaneously generated graphical score, which is digitally analysed for a somewhat direct, yet meticulously constructed translation from image to sound to image. Frequencies of coloured light are scaled down to audible spectrum and quantised into harmonics. All audio dynamics, variation in amplitude, phase, frequency and further characteristics of sound are informed by the colour values of the image. The audio output is fed back into the system to tweak and temper the image. Frequency scaling, tonality and quantisation are predetermined factors. Timing, sequencing and dynamics are generative. The tonal material is simple and constant, aiming at a focus on the idea that the output is systematically processed, not on compositional narrative. Colour images on sleeve and labels are stills from the video. Within this work, the image is no ornamentation. It is the essential source material; it is the point of departure. It is the truth. 12”, 45 RPM Colour off-set sleeve. Comes with a link to the video material. A-Side: 12.21 B-Side: 12.34