Rumpistol - After The Flood

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For Danish composer Rumpistol, two huge driving forces behind his music are the
search for beauty and the search for new sounds.

These sonic and aesthetic curiosities, which can be firmly traced back to his self-titled
2003 debut, now considered a bit of an IDM classic, have taken him to many diverse
fields of the electronic landscape.

His melodic yet spaced-out music is often hard to categorize and he's capable of doing
anything from pure ambient sets, over groovy midtempo sets to energetic tech sets as
well. Always 100% original material and always with a distinct live element.
Rumpistol has performed his detailed sound across Europe, US, Mexico & Brazil including
venues like Boiler Room UK and MUTEK Montreal.
Apart from producing under the name Rumpistol, he also creates scores for film, theatre &
contemporary dance.

His music was used at the opening ceremony of the Paralympics in Rio 2016 and in 2017
he won a Danish Music Award Jazz for the album “Masala” with his band Kalaha.

Since 2003 he has run the label Rump Recordings, showcasing mainly Danish electronic
artists through a release span of more than 35 releases but he has also released on the
renowned Berlin-based label Project Mooncircle, and Danish Iboga Records.
Rumpistol has gained wide acknowledgement from people like John Peel (UK) and
Laurent Garnier (F) to Om Unit (UK) & Tipper (UK) whom he shared stages with twice in

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