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DK epic black metal horde ORM (‘Serpent’) will release their long awaited second album “Ir” through Indisciplinarian on May 3rd 2019. ORM was formed in 2015, and with only a few songs online, they were booked for Roskilde Festival 2016, and then signed to Indisciplinarian, who released their self titled debut album in March 2017. ‘Orm’ arose with its mythical tales of man and nature accompanied by a grandiose, melodic yet raw and direct black metal which in an idiosyncratic manner unites music and narrative into a en embodied and present whole.The album was widely acknowledged among press and critics alike, and the release was backed by several tours, along those with labels mates Solbrud and successful performances at Aalborg Metal Festival and Coepnhell 2018 amongst others.

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The next chapter of ORM’s history is ‘Ir’. The album consists of the two compositions ‘Klippens Lyse Hal’ (‘The Light Hall Of the Cliff’) and ‘Bær Solen Ud’ (‘Carry Out the Sun’) while the band has produced them selves and also designed the record’s visual side. On ‘Ir’, the contrasts are bigger, the complex is more complex, the simple more simple and the melodies are poignant and contagious. The form is elongated, dynamic and adventurous, and the musical ambition and performance bears witness to an ensemble void of compromise and led solely by its own flame - where ever it may lead to. The album’s narration revolves around the impermanence of all things and is a personal reflection on how this aspect is contained within the human drama, religion and nature. ORM is a very strong live act and having teamed up with 3rdTsunami Agency in Scandinavia, they will tour massively in their home regions in 2019 and are also booking European shows and festivals for 2020.