Niels Böttcher - Returner Original Soundtrack

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Sci-fi ambient space jazz from the computer game series Returner. (Returner 77 and Returner Zhero)

Evocative space jazz with dissonant brass symphonies and deep synthesizer layers.

Returner original soundtrack is as the title says, the music from the game series Returner. Two beautiful sci fi computer games, where you as a lonely astronaut moves around in gigantic, futuristic and alien environments.

The music is made specifically to the moving pictures from the game. Huge unfriendly crystallised caves, lakes of poisonous water, lonely space pods and abstract worlds.
The music is melancholic and lonely ambient with tons of synthesizers and distorted processed brass instruments.

On the album you can hear multiple layers of space-saxophones, trumpets and more, threaten like classical instruments in a symphonic orchestra.
All the instruments on the album is played by Niels Böttcher.

The music for the games have been composed over a period of two years. Originally the music was composed as an interactive version to be played with all the ambience and sound effects in the game. For this release the music has been edited and re-structured into the final 8 tracks on the album.

In his daily job, Niels Böttcher works as a sound designer for varies computer games.

Niels Böttcher, Returner original soundtrack, is released on vinyl as well as download/streaming June 21st on Jenka Music.

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