Forstenet - Ephemeros: Virvar

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FORSTENET are four young Danish men and their old Norwegian father, who have decided to form a rock band. A rock band with that cherishes the free flow of creativity and experimentation. A rock band that plays whatever the hell they want.

in 2019 they have been working on their debut album ‘’Ephemeros: Virvar), which is a double-LP concept album. A varied record that cultivates both the heavy and the soft nuances. The record makes you think of artists such as Frank Zappa, Opeth, The Mars Volta, Porcupine Tree, Voivod and Steppeulvene. The record is an hour-long conceptual journey through a unique mind, which undergoes stages of depression, isolation, madness, psychopathy and mania in an eager attempt to break out of the dystopian universe

 '' EPHEMEROS ''. This psychedelic, progressive and experimental stew sui generis was released November 29 2019 with the first single ‘’Afmagtskvad / Intet Bliver’’ out in the month of October.

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