Born To Lose

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Lorenzo Woodrose is the ultimate antihero of the Danish music scene through the last 25 years. ‘Born To Lose’ is a portrait of a living psychedelic rock legend who lives and breathes music. He loses his best friend and musical comrade, and passes 40, so it’s hard to keep up his rock’n’roll lifestyle. And it is a struggle to be an underground hero who refuses to sell out or follow musical trends. ‘Born To Lose’ is a personal trip - filmed up close during 5 years, with no filter. Lorenzo has nothing to hide, and nothing to lose. A trip to the (dark) corners of Lorenzo’s mind and life. The film goes beyond the DNA of music documentaries: A honest journey through loss, love and demons with his bands Baby Woodrose and Spids Nøgenhat, as he flies high on beer, booze and mushrooms or simply on the power of music.

With UK subtitles and including 60 minutes of bonus material.

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