Analogik - Havnens perle

New product

Havnes Perle (pearl of the harbour) is a new interpretation of the traditional chanson in a typical Analogical way with inspiration from all over the world. Old worn-out and discarded instruments are revitalized on a quieter and thoughtful Analogik record.

Analogik has played all over the world, and some of the highlights include Glastonbury festival, Fusion festival and Roskilde festival which they have visited several times. They are known for making a party, in their very special and very laid back way.

Over time, they have been characterized by Balkan, Swing, Ethiopian jazz, cowboy music, sailor music, Indian music, bossanova and much more - and almost always with a twist of hip hop.

Their new record is in many ways quieter than some of the previous releases, and almost all the songs, with a few exceptions, draw threads to chanson in one way or another - yet with a witty hip hop, inspiration from all over the world and electronic productions .

The album is recorded on old worn-out and partly rejected instruments that have got their own life on the new record. An old piano, a false step organ, and a dilapidated leaky tuba can be cited as examples. On the record you can hear, for example, the hand-played vibraphone, an old pivotal piano, surf guitar, sailor shoes, tuba, various saxophones, percussion, trumpet, synths, saw, banjo, violin and a lot of electronics.

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