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ALKYMIST is a new force in doom metal - a force which, in its own manner, seeks to bring the hope of change into a time of turmoil. The band was formed in 2016 by guitarist Stefan Krey (Gas Giant) and bass player Kaspar Luke (Düreforsög) with the intention of creating the heaviest possible music within a progressive and atmospheric universe. In 2017, the line-up was completed by singer Peter Bjørneg (Detest) and drummer Philip Kjær Morthorst (The Ritual) and, subsequently, the quartet recorded the debut EP ‘Element’, which was released January 2018. The EP’s inspired and original approach to progressive sludgy doom, as well as the mystical and minimalistic visual aesthetics, created a buzz in the Danish scene, where expectations for the band’s forthcoming release have been notable. Now, ALKYMIST are ready with their self titled debut album, which consists of six grandiose metal compositions over 44 minutes, recorded and produced by Lasse Ballade (Solbrud, Orm, Slægt).

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The music on ALKYMIST’s debut album can be defined as progressive doom metal - a sort of “art metal”, which shares a community of spirit with classical music and 70’s progressive rock. ALKYMIST do not submit to conventions of genre or rules of style; on the contrary, they are their own masters, who on this particular album show the path for future doom metal, with the sheer force of their complex sound, noticeable virtuosity and superior compositional overview. The music is crushingly heavy as also melodic and catchy, but it is equally made up of dynamics, pauses, textures and social experimentation, which conjures up a simultaneously strange, beautiful and terrifying expression. ALKYMIST does not dissect all meaning and intention behind their musical creations; as such, the music does not dictate what the listener should feel or think, but - on the contrary - a space for interpretation is created in which the listener is able to form her own images, moods and conceptions. In this manner, one is welcomed inside for a journey through a world of paradoxes and primordial forces, in an overwhelmingly complex, intense and lyrical landscape of sound.

The universe of ALKYMIST is at the same time retrospective and futuristic, while a continuing source of inspiration is found in the alchemist’s manipulation of the physical world. The alchemist has a role to play in all times and can be viewed as an eternal figure, whose motive is to restore equilibrium in a world unbalanced. In old times, the alchemist not only sought to manipulate nature, but also strived towards a state of spiritual perfection, thus obtaining greater peace of mind. With ALKYMIST in 2018, the art of the alchemist is a journey inwards - towards the instinct, the feelings and the intuition. This is despite, and in spite of, the structures of this world, which increasingly seem to standardize, stress and kill us. A general theme on ‘Alkymist’ is an existence which is parallel, wrong and expelled - and an existence from which the suffering subject seeks to be delivered. One path of deliverance is through death. Another goes through hope of change and a struggle which might lead to the other and better, whatever that might be. ALKYMIST tells the story of the spite that must be shown and the fight that must be fought, if we are to maintain who we are - for better or for worse.