Tanja Vesterbye Jessen - Feeling Love



While well known on Copenhagen based underground scene since the 90's for her radical approach to the electric guitar in bands such as Vinyl Dog Joy, Amstrong and currently Distortion Girls - not to mention her skills as recording and mixing engineer for countless other bands and projects - this is Tanja Vesterbye Jessens first solo album. 

Yderligere information

Taking her starting point in a series of simple pop songs originally written on acoustic guitar Tanja simultaneously celebrates and interrogates their melodic cores, transforming them by electricity, stomp boxes and semi-broken amplifiers. From the looped chant of the title track slowly submerged in an increasingly desperate sounding backing chorus, to the psychedelic folk of The Way of The Meat, the screwed beats and guitar noise of Dancefloor and the drone-metal-goes-disco of epic closer Mistake, Tanja has made a very personal utopia were folk, pop and noise co-exists and melt into each other - all awash in the warm glow of the distorted electric guitar.

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