Lotte Anker / Craig Taborn / Gerald Cleaver ‎- Floating Islands


FLOATING ISLANDS was the third release from trio Anker, Taborn, Cleaver - led by Danish saxophonist Lotte Anker. The trio took shape in 2003 and has since then performed at numerous festivals and venues in Europe, USA and Canada. These live performances, led to the albums “Live at the Loft” and “Floating Islands” being released on CD in 2009. Both albums were among the most critically acclaimed Danish free jazz releases in the 00’s, and it seemed somewhat obvious, that this beautiful music and artwork, should have a re-release on vinyl. This release is an all new re-edit and re- master of the original concert material, by the original team (Anker and Fomsgaard).

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Floating Islands wasn’t just a sequel in the work of Anker/Cleaver/Taborn, but in fact it added a new dimension to their universe with its musical expressions; ritual patterns, chaotic beauty, deep attentiveness and vibrating poetic statements being further emphasized and explored on FLOATING ISLANDS

This album has it all: the mastership, the skills, the balance, the musical baggage to draw from, the musical vision, the coherent delivery, the variation, the adventure, the passion, the discipline, the raw emotional power, the sophistication, ... Absolutely stunning.***** (

...this live set is astonishing powerful... Floating Islands might not help us save the planet but in its way it tells us why we should (Jazzwise)

The list of albums out there that could be ‘classics’ if only they had a wider exposure is probably as long as both of my arms. But. If I were to draw up that long, long list, “Floating Islands” might very well find itself near the top. (Dave Foxall,

Det är fruktansvärt kraftfullt! (
...ein grandiose aufspielendes Avantgarde-Trio (Jazzpodium)