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Sedated Angel Beautyfall
140,00 kr.
The release of “BeautyFall”, Sedated angel’s third album, sees the band rocket to previous heavy-weight form, renewed and revived Sedated Angel regain their all-time vigor for this glorious 10-track ensemble. Their sound is consistent with previous remarks as being “vicious & massive” maintaining their style synonymously within stoner-based/psychedelic garage rock.
Band Ane Anish Music Caravan
Anish Music Caravan
150,00 kr.
Frank Benkho The Revelation According to Frank Benkho
The Revelation According to Frank Benkho
150,00 kr.
Joakim Tropics Of Love
Tropics Of Love
200,00 kr.
Lower Seek Warmer Climes
Seek Warmer Climes
120,00 kr.
Mellemblond Lysvågen
130,00 kr.
Oktronium Pseudo Pop
Pseudo Pop
65,00 kr.
Major Lazer Apocalypse Soon
Apocalypse Soon
100,00 kr.
Dj Rashad Rollin Ep
Rollin Ep
180,00 kr.
Modeselektor Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
150,00 kr.
Bottled in England BOY/LOST
150,00 kr.
No. Inc Early Reflections
Early Reflections
120,00 kr.
Son Of Caesar Winter Came And Went
Winter Came And Went
150,00 kr.