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Sister Chain & Brother John

Darkness To Warm Your Heart
Sister Chain & Brother John Darkness To Warm Your Heart
120,00 kr.

Debut LP fra Sister Chain & Brother John - Begrænset oplag. LP + CD

Beskrivelse fra www.sopa.dk:

"Darkness To Warm Your Heart" is the debut album from Berlin-based British duo Sister Chain & Brother John. A superb collection of songs with just Brother's electrifying guitar or bass to battle it out with Sister's utterly charismatic voice. It's all straight to the bone and no bullshit - but they don't forget to have a bit of fun along the way.

Pressen skrev:

"Coming on like something in between Badlands and a Charles Dickens novel, Sister Chain & Brother John have delivered an album I can safely say is not like anything else I have heard this year. (...) An air of melancholy runs through most of this, their debut album but dig a little bit deeper and there is a dry wit and comic absurdity completely missing from the majority of most of the music that passes my way. I think if I am honest, you will either hate this, or more hopefully you will love and cherish it. (...) Subversive, interesting and unique. What more could you want? "
- Electronic Beats, UK

"On their Album, Darkness to Warm Your Heart, Sister Chain and Brother John have taken the framework of the duo with all its limitations and used it to its full extent."
- Die Tageszeitung, DE

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