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Ménage À Trois

Mandarin Moped/Sly Guyz
Ménage À Trois Mandarin Moped/Sly Guyz
50,00 kr.

Second single from Ménage À Trois. Once again we present you two new roaring tracks: Mandarin Moped mixes Elvis aesthetics with an agressive backbone of dirty clavinets and distorted basslines. The vinyl version comes as an extented krautish rocking version.Sly Guyz is the bands take on Boney M in the year 2011 (R.I.P. Bobby Farrell). With a lyrical universe centered around a lonely space soldiers secret crush on his cynical leader, and an off-beat that would make even dubstep hipsters proud, this track surely will raise an eyebrow or two. The first 100 of the printing comes in unique velvet and velcro package, handmade by the guyz themselves. (These sleeves are unfortunately sold out, the single now comes in a still-very-nice-but-more-standard-sleeve)